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About CVS Inc.


(Tony Avila, Joe Avila, Dan Avila, John Avila)

 CENTRAL VALLEY SEEDS started in the summer of 1985 as a contract company for customers overseas, and in 1987 the four Avila Brothers incorporated the company. At this time CVS Inc. became a complete seed business with Production, R&D and Sales divisions. 


The Avila Bro's were raised in the San Joaquin Valley and as young men received their start in the Lettuce industry with Harnish Brinker Seeds Company of Five Points California. These early years instilled not only a knowledge that would serve them a lifetime but also instilled a life long passion for lettuce. After pursuing education in Agriculture, Dan Avila continued to grow his career with Harnish Brinker becoming Production Manager at a young age.  Joe Avila served as Production Manager of Harris Moran Seed Co. traveling internationally and domestic, managing thousands of acres. Tony Avila continued his career as a Breeder and Sales for Genecorp, while John Avila was breaking million dollar sales with carrot seed for Harris Moran.


After 40+ plus years of their combined knowledge along with the dilligence and hard work of the CVS Inc. Team, we have grown to be an influential lettuce seed company with multiple representative branches. Currently CVS Inc. is the leader in Romaine lettuce with several patented varieties. Wherever lettuce is grown we are represented through a dealership network and also through our direct sales division. This year marks the 35th anniversary of CVS Inc. which is still privately owned and operated by the original family. We strive to remain at the forefront of lettuce development.

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