The CVS Inc. Team

At CENTRAL VALLEY SEEDS INC. we pride ourselves in delivering the absolute best to the Lettuce Industry.  It's the diligence, integrity, and the cohesive energetic spirit of our entire team that acts as the foundation of our company.  Each respective division works tirelessly to ensure that every seed meets the highest quality standards. The quality starts with our breeding and is carried out through our production, milling, coating and marketing.  All divisions work as a cohesive unit to provide a product that  we are proud of and that we know the consumer will enjoy. 

Our R&D Team understands the importance of plant breeding. They understand the difficulties farmers face when it comes to pest management, unexpected disease and climate changes. CVS Inc. Breeders use science along with conventional breeding practices to ensure growers have lettuce that can thrive in a variety of climates and carry natural pest and disease resistances. 

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Production & Quality works tirelessly to ensure that our growing season goes without a hitch.  They remain prepared for any uncertainty the production season brings. From the time we put the seed in the ground to the day it is harvested we provide our crop with quite the accommodations. Between a great growing program and Quality Rouging done by our skilled Lettuce Specialists we ensure our seed comes second to none in quality.


CVS Inc Milling Operations runs on finely tuned systems that carry our seed from its rawest "dirt" form to the highest quality  grade seed on the market. Our Mill Team is meticulous ensuring no seed leaves our facilities without first being thoroughly milled and graded. We use technology along with the ingenuity and experience of our Millers to give growers the best in germ, vigor and overall quality.




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