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CVS Inc. relies on the wide ranging skillsets of our employees to produce top shelf lettuce seed year in and year out. It's our teams ability to remain diligent, consistent and reliable all season that allows us to produce such a great product. CVS Inc. is a privately owned family company that values the loyalty and commitment of our employees and we value the same in our New Hires.  We have high expectations for our new comers, however we are confident with the leadership and experience of our respective departments you will be sure to succeed.  


Production Quality is currently looking for summer and part time hires. Our summer positions act as an entry level positions and are an opportunity for high school (with interest in agriculture) and or college students (Agricultural undergrad)  to gain experience in the Seed Production Industry.  Although a summer position to start, we have several employees that have grown in the company to take management positions as well as given opportunities to expand into other branches of the business. 

If a Summer Job in Lettuce Seed Production interests you, contact us using the link above. 

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