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Solid Heart is a new romaine variety that is Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus
resistant and has tolerance to Corky Root Rot. Solid Heart exhibits a very high
tolerance to Tip- Burn and Fringe-Burn and has excellent bolting tolerance
under extremely high Temperatures. Solid Heart possesses a solid midrib and
has a yellow interior with excellent texture, giving it a strong shipping quality.
Solid Heart has an impressive weight when compared to most romaine types.
This variety may be used for Fresh, Processor, Hearts and/or whole leaf markets
with great quality and weight. Solid Heart matures 2-3 days later than Solid
King. *Recommended spacing 10” - 12” , *Solid Heart needs good field rotation.
*Solid Heart performs better in lighter and DG soils.

Solid Heart

Color Coating
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